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Mary Ellen Lorello

Cannabis Educator

Certified: The Natural Wellness Academy

Pilates Teacher

Mat & Reformer, Balanced Body

Mediation Teacher

The Open Heart Project

Life Coach

Certified: Common Boundaries

My Coaching Programs

Hi, I’m Mel. I help people reduce pain and stress levels so they can thrive. I provide private, confidential coaching, customized to help my clients identify their goals and develop strategies to achieve them. The foundations of my programs encourage personal development in the areas of mindfulness, intentional safe use of cannabis products, and dietary modifications.

It took me over fifteen years, four surgeries, multiple certifications, a mountain of life lessons, and hundreds of hours with my mentors to be able to bring all of these components to my coaching programs. I seek to help promote wellbeing and joy in as many humans as I can.

Mary Ellen Lorello certified cannabis educator Tom’s River New Jersey

Is Not

Counseling, Therapy, Or Medical Diagnosis

While there is some overlap in counseling and coaching, they are not the same thing. Therapy is where to start if you are in extreme psychological distress, if you need to work through trauma, or if you’re depressed and hopeless. Mental health professionals can help diagnose what’s going on and get you feeling better. I am not a therapist or a counselor, and as such I am not properly trained to assist in these situations.


A Forward-Thinking, Action Oriented Process
That focuses on searching within the client for their desired outcomes, helping them with setting goals, supplying them with some tools to help, and supporting them until their goals are achieved. It’s a collaborative relationship between the coach and client, driven by what the client sees as their fullest potential. The accountability of a coach is a game changer for people who feel stuck and unmotivated to make the changes they truly want to make.
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Educational presentations for groups

I teach the basics of safe and effective cannabis use to groups of people, as I am qualified to do so by my cannabis certification. Topics can include how to obtain safe products, the differences between the types of products at dispensaries and their best applications, starting doses and titration, how to safely make edibles at home, the dangers of products at “smoke shops,” history of cannabis, the human endocannabinoid system, and the science as it exists today in medical and scientific journals. 

I also teach meditation to groups, which includes education on how to overcome negative thought patterns.

CBD oil II
July 9, 2024

Toiling Over Cannabis Oil Tinctures

A tincture is defined as “a solution of medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent.” Yet, some cannabis oil tinctures are sold based on other types of liquids.   WHY DOES IT...

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Mary Ellen Lorello

Medicated Mindfully Mary Ellen Lorello Certification Cannabis Coach

Certified Cannabis Coach

Certified 2021 - The Natural Wellness Academy

National Wellness
Life Coaching Certification Mary Ellen Lorello Medicated Mindfully

Certified Life Coach

Certified 2023 - Common Boundaries​

Life Coach
Mediation Teacher Certification Mel Lorello

Certified Mediation Teacher

Certified 2017 - The Open Heart Project

Open Heart Project`

More About Me

My life has been more of a squiggle than a straight line. In my thirties, my mental health hit a low point and I became very self destructive, and while the losses I suffered were tremendous, it all became the spark that helped me heal beyond my greatest expectations. I have so much gratitude now for the fact that I am alive, I am happy, I am healthy, and I am able to use all the challenging things I’ve traversed in order to help my clients.

Reducing pain naturally has been mandatory for me, and my Six Weeks to Power over Pain program is the result of fifteen years of reading, learning, and exploring within my own body just what a tremendous impact we can have on our pain with lifestyle modifications. I also bring my experience as a healthy chef into the mix to help guide clients and find modifications they can enjoy. Individuals in this program report that in six weeks they lose weight, sleep better, reduce pain, increase energy levels, and reduce the need for medications.

I was an anxiety patient for years when I was caught in the trap of my own negative thoughts. Much of my journey back to wellbeing involved working on the health of my own nervous system through therapy, meditation, retreats, and working with my mentors. The impact of these experiences on me was so profound, it became my inspiration for becoming a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. I bring all those experiences together for my Demolishing Negative Thoughts coaching sessions to help my clients lower their anxiety levels.

Certified Cannabis Coach

Medical Marijuana Card

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testimonial profile

I've made tremendous progress since starting your program. Accountability has been key. The approaches you suggested on meal and exercise routines have already changed my decision making and daily habits for the better. I look forward to sharing my continued progress with you.


testimonial profile

All week has been good with the exception of today. I didn't sleep well and for whatever reason made me feel like I was going to have an attack on the line at Atlanta Bread. But I tried the blue light and it definitely calmed me down and it didn't intensify. I've taken a few minutes each day to work on it as well... and it is definitely helping a lot. Thank you so so much.


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